Teaching at City College

Graduate Courses Syllabi and Selected Instructional Materials

Digital Literacies
Students investigate composition in the digital age. They can use this course to think about and refine their own digital practices.
Syllabus and Assignments

Introduction to Rhetoric and Composition
Introduction to key works in the field of composition and rhetoric from the 1960s to the present.
Syllabus and Assignments 

Composition Pedagogies and Rhetorical Theories
A comprehensive survey at the wide array of theories and practices of pedagogical approaches to contemporary composition instruction.
Syllabus and Assignments

The Teaching of Composition and Literature
Prepares students to teach introductory writing and humanities courses.
Syllabus and Assignments

Undergraduate Courses Syllabus and Instructional Materials

English 110
Provides instruction and practice in genres that students will use throughout college.
Syllabus and Assignments

Instructional Videos for both in-class and faculty development

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How to Export a Rubric from Blackboard

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